Tool management

TID (Automatic Tool Identification System)

Unique identification of tools
Absolute identification, no transfer error
Machine customization

Description Tool management TID (Automatic Tool Identification System)

TID (Automatic Tool Identification System) is a solution which allows Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presets to quickly identify tools and send correction data directly to the numerical control without interrupting any operation in progress. Elbo Controlli NIKKEN has created the ideal appliance to manage tool identification data.

Elbo Controlli NIKKEN’s vast experience in the industrial sector has led to the creation of a versatile system which addresses all the needs of those who work with tool identification system.

Tools which are simple to use and limit the possibility of operator errors are essential in the workplace. TID has an intuitive graphical interface which interacts and guides the operator during use, minimizing the possibility of errors.

Tools are identified by TID through a unique code (TID code) which is also associated to all correction data. After measuring the tool, the operator can select the correct machine tool for loading. The NC receives the correction data only when the tool is loaded in the machine thus avoiding transcription errors or changes to the corrector table which do not reflect the actual situation. The tool identification system is a two-dimensional bar code matrix called the Data Matrix.

TID is made more comprehensive with the ability to view the status of the tool inventory and the NC corrector table, making it an essential component for Industry 4.0 production.

Let’s have a look at its advantages:


TID allows a two-way communication between presetter and CNC. Measurements taken from the presetter can be sent directly to the CNC without downtime. TID can acquire tool data from the CNC offset table.


It allows operators to eliminate insertion errors, each tool is uniquely identified, thus guaranteeing the transfer of its data to the CNC.


It is an advantageous solution that eliminates the additional costs associated to the purchase of RFID storage devices and the application of read/write hardware interfaced with the machine tool.


It allows a complete customization to manage different configurations according to the tool data required for the specific machine.

Do you have special requirements? Is there a need for integration?  Tool ID manager can be customized according to YOUR needs.

Elbo Controlli NIKKEN TID Automatic Tool Identification System for presetters

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Technical features

Technical Features
  • Interface the tool identification system with tool presetter unit and machine tool NC
  • Use of a Data Matrix bidimensional barcode
  • Data Matrix 2D Reader
  • NO memory support to be applied on tools
  • Complete customization according to the tool data required for the specific machine
  • Two-way communication between presetter and CNC.



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