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Why measurement objectivity is important

The pre-registration, measurement and tool inspection machine is crucial and fundamental for any type of workshop and industry, from automotive to aerospace, oil & gas, etc.

The idea of the “presetter machines” came from mechanical operators’ needs to have a practical, simple, functional and univocal device to preset “off-machine”.

So why use a preset inside a mechanical workshop? In this article we will explain the advantages of preset machines.

The big advantage of using a presetter outside the machining area is that all tools for subsequent machining are measured in advance which saves time by reducing machine downtime.

The hourly cost of production must be considered when we calculate the seconds spent changing tool, multiplied by the number of tools to change and the number of "machine downtimes" which occur in a working shift.

Even experienced and attentive operators run into some errors: a wrong reading of the measurements, an incorrect transcription, wrong positioning of the tool, etc.

The presetter machine drastically reduces the negative consequences and danger of human error during work.

The operator has the possibility to choose the most suitable method for transmitting the measurement data (label printing, post-processor and / or TID system) to the working area: the presetter adapts to the operator’s needs.

There are even more advantages.

Where multiple people use the presetting operation in a common workspace, measurement objectivity is essential. Elbo Controlli NIKKEN products are subject to rigorous acceptance tests, ensuring a high degree of repeatability and measurement reproduction.

What do repeatability and measurement reproduction mean?

Repeatability is the degree of correspondence between a series of measurements of the same tool and when individual measurements are made leaving the conditions unchanged; measurement reproduction is the degree of concordance between a series of measurements by the same tool when individual measurements are carried out by different operators.

Measurements must be objective, otherwise conflicting measurements will happen.

Objectivity is important, as is the precision of the measurement.

For this reason, it is necessary to have an efficient and performing tool.

All Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetting machines guarantee a superior level of precision. We only use researched and specifically developed components for this type of application (use of natural granite as a building material, new optical lines in natural granite, optics and dedicated electronics, UBUNTU software developed for tool presetting and measurement).

Advantages of Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetters


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