Table top presetter

Table top presetters are defined as presetter machines without ground support and should therefore be placed on a workbench. They are mostly Entry Level models without tool clamping systems.

Elbo Controlli NIKKEN has an excellent range of table top models. They meet the basic needs of any customer who wants to enter the world of tool pre-registration and inspection for the first time. They are also for users who want to use simple but versatile instruments in order to perform simple measurement operations in the shortest possible time with excellent precision and consistency. 

The structural stability and the low coefficient of thermal expansion of our table top presetting machines permit even on simple instruments a high repeatability of every measurement. They are also able to use interchangeable spindles for all types of machine taper (ISO, BT, DIN, HSK or polygonal taper).

The user interface displays all the presetter main functions on a single screen. Being extremely intuitive it allows any operator with basic training to measure X, Z, angles and radii. Also, these versions have the possibility to post-process and send the tool correctors directly to the most common Numerical Controls.

Production and sale of Table Top Presetter machines for tool measurement and tool inspection by Elbo Controlli NIKKEN

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