Stand alone presetter

Stand alone presetters are defined as having a base placed directly on the ground with no need of additional structures. When the base is an integral part of the machine, its increased weight means better stability and consequently more precise and constant measurements.

Elbo Controlli NIKKEN solutions provide very high performance for tool presetting. The combination of very robust supporting structures and natural granite for the base and column gives our machines an undeniable advantage. 

All our range of stand alone machines have motorized clamping of the tool holders (ISO, DIN, BT, HSK or polygonal taper). This increases measurement repeatability and reproducibility while ensuring measurement objectivity.

Anyone in the workshop can independently and accurately measure tools using our intuitive graphical interface which displays all the main functions on a single screen. All stand alone models are equipped with dedicated electronics, developed by Elbo Controlli NIKKEN technicians.  They can transmit tool correctors directly to the Numerical Controls of your machine tools via a network.

Production and sale of stand alone presetters for tool measurement and tool inspection by Elbo Controlli NIKKEN

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