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TP32 (Integrated Tool Management System)

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Description Tool management TP32 (Integrated Tool Management System)

Elbo Controlli NIKKEN created the TP32 integrated tool management system to provide a usability-oriented approach. It offers a complete view to tool related problems within a company’s production cycle.

How important is it to manage your tool warehouse?

Usually a mechanical company has an excess of tools, spare parts, insertsetc.: this is a result of a centralized control system. Proper control of your warehouse leads to numerous advantages including:

  • Reduction of production costs
  • Optimization of inventory prevents unnecessary waste
  • Resources available shown in real time
  • Organization of the production cycle

Human errors are part and parcel of the working day, for example, forgetting to insert information or forgetting to update the inventory or just losing track of what tools are available. TP32 helps in all these delicate and important aspects. In fact, you can interface it with all your systems in the workshop: machine tools, management systems, CAD / CAM, presets, automatic tool storage, etc.

All in one software. Easy. Flexible. Complete.

Optimal warehouse management cannot be undervalued and the benefits are many: clear organization, reduction of costs (from errors and machine management), optimization of spaces, but most importantly customer satisfaction.

How important is it to optimize the tool list preparation process and the tool machine management?

This depends on how productive and dynamic  you want to make your workshop: our solution will help you during this process by bringing considerable benefits to the management phase and by reducing preparation times.

TP32 is a point of interaction between tools and applications. TP32 easily handles everything from the management of warehouse stocks to the maintenance of distinct tool composition, from interfacing with automatic warehouses to the management of sub-stocks, from resource planning to full integration with the preset, from management of the tool supply to data exchange with ERP / CAD and offline simulation. 

In short, the whole control system for your mechanical company, TP32 is proposed as a key component between the tools and applications that can 'consume' the information related to them.

The TP32 software is in compliance with the ISO 13399 standard for tool formalization: as a result, the creation of the tool’s digital twin is a natural and uncomplicated operation which bridges the division between design reality and working reality.

Elbo Controlli NIKKEN TP32 Workshop Integrated Tool Management System

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Technical features

Technical Features
  • Check supplies and warehouse stocks
  • Monitor the material handling, activities and use of components
  • Know actual component availability and not only its existence in the workshop
  • Minimize stock levels
  • Generate component lists under minimum stock level for reordering
  • Arrange the inventory with its valorization
  • Keep track of components inside the workshop
  • Have clear and useful print outs on warehouse status
  • Generate purchase request by carrying out an analysis of material under stocked / depending on use and warehouse movement performed in a given period
  • Hardware connection with automated warehouse and machine storage
  • Management of component location
  • Warehouse and tool machine chain status
  • List of components for tool assembly
  • Using tool template grounded on ISO 13399
  • Create libraries in the native format of CAM/Simulator
  • Stores customized cutting data for any customer
  • Possibility to use both theoretical and actual measured data by the presetter
  • 3D models of all tools in the workshop
  • Shared knowledge on the cutting parameters
  • Create the tool table directly from the NC G-code program
  • Prepare a list of assembled tools, paying particular attention to the chain tools available and to the Toolroom availability in various warehouses
  • Set actual tool values using presets
  • Send tool offsets directly to the machine
  • Integration with TID system for tool datas identification and management
  • Automatic acquisition of the X and Z dimensions directly from the presetter
  • Graphic or real display of the tool
  • Tool list preparation

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