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Granite holds a very important quality when it comes to measurement. It's a natural material with the lowest thermal expansion coefficient in the world. 

Natural granite is an igneous rock generated by solidification of a magmatic mass in the Earth's mantle. This process lasts millions of years which gives granite the particular properties regarding technological stability not found in other rocks.

Elbo Controlli NIKKEN is the only manufacturer of pre-registration, measurement and inspection tools machine to use natural granite as a building material. It is also the first and only presetter with granite scales.

What are the strengths of natural granite?

  • DIMENSIONAL STABILITY:granite has naturally aged for millions of years and consequently free from any internal tension

  • THERMAL STABILITY: the linear expansion coefficient is considerably lower than steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass or generally speaking all metallic materials

  • HARDNESS: natural granite can be compared to the toughness of good hardened steel

  • WEAR RESISTANCE: the hardness of Natural Granite allows a longer life of tools and machines made with this natural material

  • WORKING PRECISION:  Natural Granite offers superior flat and linear surfaces compared to other metallic materials

  • NO OXIDATION:  Natural Granite does not oxidize therefore zero maintenance

The use of natural granite as a building material allows Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetters to have a high degree of dimensional stability, ensuring precision and measurement stability.

For over 25 years, Elbo Controlli NIKKEN has been using granite for its presetters, bringing numerous advantages to those who use them: thermal and dimensional stability, no software compensation and no periodic recalibration.

It is very important to have a thermal expansion coefficient as low as possible when it comes to measurements and presetting. Natural granite is the perfect solution.

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