Presetter machine

Vertical presetter machines are commonly used to preset tools for vertical milling machines. They are the most popular presets on the market with around 90% of sales. They perform the presetting of milling tools (also for particular machine origins) and for both vertical and horizontal lathes.

By allowing you to prepare your tools for subsequent processing, vertical presetters optimize the time it takes to set the machine tool up and reduce machine downtime.

Guaranteed tool performance is just one of the many advantages of a tool presetting system. Using the inspection function, you can accurately check the performance / wear of your cutting tool. Vertical presetting machines also manage the theoretical values and tolerances for each individual tool within a tool table. This ensures that for the procedure to be performed, the correct and suitable tool for the machine will be used.

Elbo Controlli NIKKEN has a wide range of vertical presetter machines which offer the perfect solution to all your needs: all our presetters are versatile and extremely simple to use. 

The Elbo Controlli NIKKEN tool presetting machines are able to satisfy the market needs and they solve problems which commonly occur in the workshop. Thanks to a continuous research and development of new technical solutions, we propose tool presetting machines at competitive prices: tool presetters for everyone. 

Production and sale of vertical presetter machines for tool measurement and tool inspection by Elbo Controlli NIKKEN

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