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from 1983 to today


ELBO CONTROLLI s.r.l. was founded in 1983 by a group of experienced technicians who had acquired knowledge and know-how working in various companies in the design and application of numerical controls. This exchange of knowledge and experience combined with continuous research and development has allowed the company to grow and become established in a very short time.

ELBO CONTROLLI NIKKEN is one of the most respected and well-known manufacturers of electronic equipment for pre-registration, measurement, tool inspection and displays on a national and international level.

ELBO CONTROLLI NIKKEN is an industrial engineering company which studies and designs its own products which are divided into 4 sectors: MECHANICAL, ELECTRONIC, OPTICAL and SOFTWARE. The success and technological content of the products derive directly by merging the 4 divisions in the planning of the project.


The recently renovated operational headquarters is in Meda (MB): the headquarters houses the administrative office, commercial office, showroom, technical and R&D offices.

Also, on site are our laboratories dedicated to testing prototypes, the production of the new GS371 in granite and standard systems which will guarantee better products for the future, the digital read-out and a section of the replacement warehouse.

The internal service is carried out in the main office thanks to our large, dedicated space which guarantees quality and efficiency.


Only 700 meters away from our headquarters, the manufacturing site was completed in July 2019. All presetter production has been moved to the new, state of the art site.

Having an efficient production site which lives up to all expectations is fundamental here at Elbo Controlli NIKKEN.

Combining a larger space (about 1900 m2 on 2 floors) with excellent organization, we have estimated an increase of about 20% in production efficiency and an increase of production capacity from the current 650 machines to 1000 machines per year.

Danilo and Massimiliano Tasca founded Elbo Controlli S.r.l., based inside Nuova Affilet S.r.l. company (owned by bis father Danilo) in the beginning. Elbo Controlli began life as a leading manufacturer of optical scales and digitai read-outs during the 80s/90s
The company grows up very quickly in size and capabilities and it moves into a small building becoming independent in its own right
The Elbo Controlli product range expands and results in the introduction of their first presetting, measuring and inspection machine named the AR2000. From here on the machine becomes the companies most successful product
Elbo Controlli's company growth steadily increases. Staff, production and the market for its products and solutions are growing very fast. This forces a need for Elbo Controlli once again to move into another building. Larger and more suitable than the previous one. The headquarters is relocated to Meda (MB)
Elbo Controlli's technological evolution leads to the introduction of natural granite as a key construction material. The E660 model is the first presetter machine with the base entirely made from natural granite. Elbo Controlli remains unique in this respect today - the only presetting machine manufacturer to adopt and to use this kind of material
After 5 years of testing and continual assessment on the quality, reliability and technological progress Elbo Controlli are granted use of the mark UCIMU (Italian Machine Tools Makers Association). This provides Elbo Controlli great prestige in Italy
In this year advances and developments lead to the E238 model, a real evolution in presetting technology. In fact, during the FEIMAFE show in San Paolo (Brasil), Elbo Controlli receives the "award for significant technological development of the products"
Elbo Controlli develops and builds a totally new production area in Seregno (MB). Here new production and packaging lines are created for the presetting machines
The Elbo Controlli product range is increasing and constantly evolving. The research and development of the products is the main point of the whole company's philosophy. Key to this is a commitment to invest in time and resources to consistently provide state-of-the-art and, above all, competitive products
Elbo Controlli develops a unique 'entry level' presetting machine which, for its price and capabilities, is designed to position at a level without competitors. The focus is to bring the technology of higher level presetting machines to a lower level platform which is accessible to anyone. The Elbo Controlli "WASP" presetting machine is born
A complete new line of presetting machines is developed and launched. The 'Pharaohs of Egypt' presetters. In a clear reference to the granite used to build pyramids the new "SETHY -HATHOR-ANKH -KHYAN -AMON RA" models revolutionize and begin new age for Elbo Controlli presetting machines. All the models feature an innovative design and 'easy to use' technology that so far had never been reached
Elbo Controlli's 'entry level' presetting machines face and ever increasing demand and popularity in the market. Elbo Controlli redesign the existing WASP model and launch the new LARTH model. High technology level is within everyone's reach once again
The "SETHY - HATHOR - ANKH" models are completely redesigned. Ease of use is the main consideration for this new range of Elbo Controlli presetting machines. The "SIX" models are launched
Elbo Controlli launches on to the market a new presetting machine concept with high performance at it's root. The E46L and E46LTW models are born: ergonomic design, ease of use and reliability are the key points for these new machines and platforms
The steady production and market growth leads to requirement to increase the capacity and capabilities of Elbo Controlli's headquarters. Internal space is substantially increased alongside a brand new external design and appearance for the building which reflects and presents the technological level of the products
Elbo Controlli becomes officially a 'global strategic partner' of NIKKEN Kosakusho Works Ltd. The collaboration, that has already existed for more than a decade, is strengthened. Now more than ever Elbo Controlli - NIKKEN are together to reach important product growth and development goals for the future
Elbo Controlli NIKKEN starts to build a new production site, located near the headquarter, to guarantee more production capacity, due to the increase of market demand and of the expansion of the offered product range
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