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Description Measurement detection system Round EC rack and pinion system

The linear rack-and-pinion transducers have always been the most suitable systems for applications on particularly long machines or that require extreme component robustness due to harsh working conditions (shavings, vibrations, coolants, vapors, dust).

To meet these needs ELBO CONTROLLI NIKKEN has perfected two different solutions: the pre-assembled system - ease and speed of installation.  The modular system - versatility and economic. Both systems have the same operating principle: the electrical signal is generated by a rotary encoder on which slides a stainless steel pinion on a high precision rack.

The encoder is constantly in contact with the rack thanks to an elastic system preload; the different pressure angle between the teeth of the pinion and the teeth of the rack guarantees zero mechanical play which would distort the measurement precision.

Both systems are available in two resolutions: 0.01 mm and 0.005 mm, which means it isn’t limited to the mechanical sector but can also work in the wood, marble, glass and textile sectors.

Round EC rack and pinion systems for machine tools by Elbo Controlli NIKKEN

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Technical features

Technical Features

The ROUND-EC system is suitable for large machines (planer cutters, boring machines with moving column, etc.).

It consists of a rotary encoder with pinion, housed in a rectangular aluminum box with 500mm long module 1 precision racks. The system should be assembled directly on the machine.

The encoder is mounted inside the box on an oscillating arm with ball bearing. It has a wide excursion suspension to ensure adequate preload over the entire process. 

The EC transducer is designed for fixing to a machine with holes already threaded on each side; the sections of the rack are also drilled and on request can be supplied with a kit complete with transducer, 5m armored cable extension, 2m drilled and threaded bars of required length.

To complete the offer ELBO CONTROLLI NIKKEN supplies precision racks with a 2.50mm pitch and 2.54mm pitch in length, 202mm and 203.2mm in length. 

We also have EC transducers with pinion pitches 2.38mm, 2.50mm and 2.54mm for use with existing racks.

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