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Description Automatic tool recognition

Search, find and activate: all automatically

Often, the search for a tool within your presetter machine database can be a laborious and long operation, wasting time unnecessarily. How do we solve this problem? Easy!Thanks to our new automatic tool recognition system, available on all our E346+, SIX, E46L and E68 presetter machine series.

When identification becomes easy and quick

The association of a unique datamatrix code to each physical tool allows its identification within the tool tables stored in the presetter machine. Through this unique code, it’s possible to locate a single tool within all stored data records.

What happens if the tool is present in multiple tables and in multiple machine origins?

Don’t worry! The presetter machine will show you all of the tool tables and in which machines your tool has been used. The operator will simply read the tool code through the scanner and the machine will automatically open the page with the data for that tool, preparing the presetter for measurement operations. All automatic, within everyone's reach.

A unique solution, many advantages

This solution accelerates the measurement operations, makes the tool data traceable, simplifies the use of the presetter machine and it’s the starting point for the integration of the TID system for sending offsets directly to the NC. The benefits are in your hands.

Elbo Controlli NIKKEN automatic tool recognition

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Technical features

Technical Features
  • Data Matrix 2D Reader
  • 2D Reader support
  • Use of a Data Matrix bidimensional barcode
  • NO memory support to be applied on tools



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