Tecnologie Meccaniche reportage


A reportage by Tecnologie Meccaniche published several pages and promotional campaign in its magazine.

The interview was conducted with our commercial director Mr. Lucio Ferrero during the EMO fair in Hannover: the goal of Elbo Controlli NIKKEN is "greater automation" through our dedicated systems and Toolroom solutions. In particular, the exchange of data towards the machine tool.

We propose a "comprehensive solution" with full NC - automatic measurement: once programmed, the machine proceeds autonomously.

What’s more, we are moving towards more integrated solutions regarding presets, drawer units, numerical control machines and tool management software. Proposing a more in-depth control of the preparation to the sending of data to the machine. Basically, offering a complete package.

The second article concerns the "Fourth Industrial Revolution", which confirmed an epochal change of the production process in the global mechanical sector.

The need to have a preset capable of "dialoguing" with the machines in the workshop prompted Elbo Controlli NIKKEN to develop the new E68LA IS (Integrated Solution) model pre-registration, measurement and inspection machine.

You can find the articles and advertising by clicking on the following link: www.techmec.it  (pages 45, 67 and 96 only in Italian)

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