NEWSMEC "Tecnologie d'avanguardia per produrre" magazine


NEWSMEC magazine published an article entitled "How important is it to identify and pre-register tools?". The article describes the Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetting machine models E46L and E46LTW and the "TID" tool identification technology, which were presented at the MECSPE 2016 tradeshow in Parma.

The E46 presetter series along with the TID system are our client’s most popular and appreciated products.

Identifying and pre-registering tools is very important if you want to have a company looking to the future.

Production processes are optimized and human errors are minimized. 
The E46LTW presetting machine with triple camera (perfect for tool regrinders) and the automatic TID tool identification system is the perfect solution.

It is a tool which allows you to easily and cost-effectively create the interface between the identification system, presetting units and CNC machines.

TID avoids additional costs related to mechanical and PLC logic changes of the machine tool. This is the true strength of TID: reliable, safe, flexible.

For more information, click on the following link: (Pages 16/17 only in Italian).

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