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In 2016 interview by Il Giornale newspaper for an insert titled "Dossier Meccanica & Engineering”, Elbo Controlli Srl, CEO Massimiliano Tasca spoke about why Italian engineering abroad is constantly put to the test and how Italian companies can challenge foreign competitors on a global scale in the presetter machines and tool measurement market.

"It is a competition involving technology, quality and speed of pre and post sales services", states Mr Tasca. The interview expands on his beliefs on the main concepts of market leaders in his sector both nationally and international.

The article analyzes the sector of pre-registration and tool measuring machines and in particular exports out of Italy. Mr. Tasca elaborates on how important it is for Elbo Controlli NIKKEN to invest time and resources to research and develop new technologies and cutting-edge solutions.

Their success is given precisely by constant research and close synergy and collaboration between the 4 main sectors of the company: mechanics, optics, electronics and software.

Their technical, commercial and marketing offices are connected by a common matrix: a deep knowledge of technology, the users’ needs, registration and tool measuring machines market direction.

For more information, click on the following link: (Pages 72/73 only in Italian).

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