Solid as a rock, accurate as an Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetter machine: the E68B series is all of this

The new E68B series Presetter machine video tutorials are available on our official YouTube page.

The E68B Presetter is an easy and simple tool which improves / increases productivity and production efficiency, which consequently helps to reduce costs.

What's better than actually seeing how E68B series Presetters work?

Questions and answers: this is how so many of our online searches work. We look for explanations that help us do things, solve problems, and we do so increasingly through the video form.

Web users love to watch videos, so why not take advantage of this trend not only to entertain, to inform, but also to provide explicit training? This is the reason that prompted us to create and publish the E68B series Presetter machine video tutorials.

Practice explains that in the time of a video, the information transferred is greater than, for example, reading a text.


Today, technology is an integral part of daily life, radically changing our lifestyle.

The goal of technology is to solve problems or improve one or more aspects of everyday life, but sometimes it’s not enough: the importance of having a high quality and performance instrument is fundamental, especially when it comes to measurements to one thousandth of a millimeter.

This is the reason why Elbo Controlli NIKKEN invests its time and resources into researching high-level technologies and developing unique solutions made for this type of application.

An easy and simple tool for anyone is the key to success. This is the Elbo Controlli NIKKEN philosophy: to study and realize products based on ease of use and of learning.

Find out more about the E68B presetters! Click on the following link to watch the video tutorials:

Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen, and thinking what nobody has thought” Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

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