The main functions of the E46L presetter machine explained in a few minutes

As we promised, we have prepared the new E46L presetter series video tutorials.

All the main functions are explained through simple and synthetic videos: the goal is to allow anyone to quickly understand and learn the product news and functions of E46L presetter.

Originality is carved in our DNA: as always, we offer technologically advanced, easy and intuitive products. That's why it is very important to use and make them known to your customers.


The continuity of learning and, above all, the immediate transfer of knowledge is guaranteed with an online video tutorial.

For this reason, we have created our first video tutorials, dedicated to the E46L presetter machines SERIES: within the web page of the products, there is a direct link to the videos through the “VIDEO TUTORIAL” button. 

You can find all the E46L presetter machines video tutorials on our official YouTube channel, by clicking on the following link:

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