Why you need a tool presetter?

How can we make the most out of our machine tool investments?

The answer is a very simple one. Automate to make them perform more effectively ensuring that they produce more parts reliably.

In this scenery, the pre-registration and measurement of off-machine tooling becomes a fundamental factor. Reducing machine set-up times is a requirement that should be dealt with in the most efficient way.

With increased demand for production and ever-increasing competition how can we continue to earn and remain competitive on the global market? Excessive manufacturing costs are key! The solutions that Elbo Controlli NIKKEN offer to the market can help you reduce setup time, increase machine up time and eliminate any human errors.

In this article we explain why a tool presetter should be a consideration for any modern mechanical workshop.

An off-machine presetter allows you to always manage and have complete control all the tool parameters necessary for numerically controlled machines (for example, offset number, height and diameter). They are then also readily available, to be transferred directly to the machines, as required.

If we make a practical example to help better understanding of how much time can be ‘wasted’ pre-registering tools directly in the machine - the average time per tool from the tool change to winding down and making contact with a gauge or presetting device within the machine is about 60 seconds. Making a calculation based on an hourly cost of about €85, we are talking about €1.42 for each tool measured. How many tools do you change/load per day? How many machines are there in your production line? The costs can quickly climb and the machine is not cutting metal! It is often much more than anyone ever realizes.

The advantages do not end there. Consider a machine tool with an integrated presetter? Really useful and quick for measuring and checking the X and Z values of tools during processing but absolutely no possibility to control the radius of the insert, or a multi-fluted cutter, or the angle of the tool to bevel/chamfer the workpiece! With an off-machine presetter all this functionality and capability is readily available and with an Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetter it can be done quickly and easily, further increasing your productivity.

Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetters are the ideal tool to be used within a toolroom. Solid, precise and above all easy to use.

All the components that equip our presetters are designed and developed specifically for this type of application. Natural granite is adopted as a building material, the vision system developed for measuring, the use of interchangeable spindles and an easy but high performing software are all unique benefits that differentiate Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetters from all the others.

Also consider the benefit of employing an Elbo Controlli NIKKEN tool presetter within the workshop itself. Instant improved productivity and increased efficiency by reducing costs at the machines!

All our presetters are built with both these environments in mind. Minimizing human error and increasing production capacity whilst providing the measurement accuracy and reliability required without any machine downtime whatsoever!

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