Select the right presetter for the shipyard industry

The shipyard industry continues to expand and, between the production of new vessels and ongoing maintenance, provides a significant amount of work for those in the sector.

However, the companies involved in the industry did not anticipate such demand. They continued to invest in machinery mainly to fulfil the production spaces they need.

The dimensions of the processed pieces, the handling and storage of the pieces to be processed imply an availability of capacity that is not always easy to find. If on the one hand it is true that the companies in the sector have evolved technologically, it is equally true that the pieces to be processed are ever larger and not easy to accommodate.

It goes without saying that to work these types of materials and parts necessitates tools of uncommon dimensions and weights. As machining technology and capabilities have evolved these is a need to respect dimensions and tolerances that were once not necessary.

So how do you choose a preset for the naval sector that allows you to respond to modern workshop needs?

Until a few years ago, a basic presetter was more than sufficient, carrying out its activities within the centre of the workshop, at the service of all. All operators had access to it as and when necessary without having the need for specific or special technical skills.

It is interesting to note that, even today, for this type of company the request is to have the same type of organization, but with completely different performance. In other words, the use of the presetter is always delegated to technicians in the workshop, but it must be much more advanced, both in terms of performance and speed of execution, while maintaining the characteristics of simplicity and manageability of the old models.

Elbo Controlli NIKKEN has created a machine capable of measuring tools of adequate size to meet the requirements of this industry sector (X axis = 800mm, Z axis = 1000mm), whilst remaining a machine for use in the workshop, and indeed suitable for operation and service by all personnel. Less than 2 hours of training are enough to use the electronics and software which has been developed to be both simple and intuitive. We have already outlined that the production areas of such companies are remarkable, and it is often unthinkable to try to maintain a constant temperature. Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetters are built with a natural granite structure therefore any variations in temperature have a negligible influence on the measurements performed.

You can book a free consultation and a demonstration to evaluate together with an Elbo Controlli NIKKEN consultant the most suitable solution for your workshop.


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