How select the right tool presetter for oil & gas industry

If you belong to the Oil & Gas industry and you are considering purchasing a new presetter, then you must pay close attention to some details.

In this article we outline some considerations for how to choose a tool presetter for manufacturers employed in the Oil & Gas industry: the best presetter for the Oil & Gas sector.

The key is firstly to provide an ACCURATE presetter and quite often, this simple statement is already a source of some misunderstanding. In our opinion, precise means reliability and reproducibility of the measurements made, within tolerance limits, guaranteed over time.

For this reason, Elbo Controlli NIKKEN adopt and base our main constructional elements on natural granite structures with very low planarity errors.

The accuracy of the measurements are also guaranteed by our own linear optical scales certified by INTERFEROMETRIC LASER (model GS371). Elbo Controlli NIKKEN have now successfully designed, developed and manufactured the very first linear optical scales in the world with a granite support.

We often talk about precision and measurements to the thousandth of a millimeter (micron), but if the optical lines are not certified by laser interferometer systems, the uncertainty of measurement is compromised from the start.

Obviously, if you include the inaccuracies introduced by the camera system and the presetter mechanics inaccurate and non-repeatable measurements can be obtained. Elbo Controlli NIKKEN have always paid close attention to the care of its structures and electronics.

At this point, with first-rate and reliable mechanics, you will need EASY TO USE software. Elbo Controlli NIKKEN has created a very intuitive solution which, combined with its simplicity, allows use by any operator, without the need for long, demanding and often EXPENSIVE training courses.

You just have to evaluate the characteristics of our E46L or E68L presetter series to discover the solution to all the measurement, management and inspection needs of your tools.

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