Woodworking tool presetter

Carpentry is one of the oldest crafts in the world. For centuries the masters of wood have worked and transformed this fantastic material into extraordinary structures.

The concept of woodworking has evolved over the years thanks to the use of increasingly complex and precise machine tools. For this reason, the company Elbo Controlli NIKKEN has developed the perfect solution for those who need to pre-register or check tools outside machine, optimizing its production.

In this article we consider which of our presetters can provide the best solution for the woodworking industry.

Across our Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetter range we are delighted to be able to offer models with high technological features, such as our E346+/E346V+, whilst also to meeting more cost conscious budgets. Equipped with a digital camera system and a natural granite structure (both for the base and for the column) the E346+/E346V+ allows users to speed up and improve the so-called ‘down times’ that can be associated with production.

Thanks to its simple and intuitive user interface, E346+/E346V+  is the ideal ‘entry level’ presetter for the woodworking sector.

In these years of increased technological development in the sector, in addition to the evolution of machine tools, the tools used for the various processes have also advanced considerably, with increasingly complex shapes and demanding much more precision to control.

For this reason, the requirement arose to check the complete tool profile with absolute accuracy. Elbo Controlli NIKKEN has therefore developed a model (our E46L) which has the possibility, with a simple click, to import a DXF file to superimpose on the camera screen directly over the actual tool profile to both check and inspect the real time situation.

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