How to measure lathe tools with presetter

If you are interested in measuring the tools for your lathe, with the possibility of sending the data directly to the Numerical Control, we would like to present a series of questions and answers to assist you and perhaps clarify your ideas.

For a standard tool assembly, the necessary measurements are normally for the length and diameter, commonly called X and Z, but in reality, there are few ‘standard’ tools. All tools have an insert radius, an insert position, an angle and a shape.

In short, it is not so straight forward to obtain all these measurements, especially if normally it is carried out within the machine. Consider having worked on the first component and then having to stop the machine to make all the necessary checks and setting for the next one!

Therefore, the measurement or tool assemblies off machine tools with the use of a Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetter has become an increasingly frequent preference, even on a turning machine (lathe).

But the tool presetter must be able to faithfully reproduce the arbors and connections that used to mount the tools within the machine, an easy enough operation on newer machines that may use quick-change attachments, a little more difficult on older machines.

Elbo Controlli NIKKEN has developed a series of adaptors capable of supporting lathe tools and faithfully reproducing the ‘machine’ location and condition, thus obtaining easy, quick and safe measurements for any type of tool.

Operation is very simple. Introduce the tool into its adaptor (as in the machine) and automatically achieve the required measurements. Press a key (e.g. radius) and automatically the measurement is obtained for the insert radius.

From the simplest Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetter to the most technologically advanced version these operations can be performed easily and directly either within the workshop or remotely, in the tool preparation room (Tool Room). Such tools can be built-up and pre-assembled according to the process specifications and demand using an integrated system for managing all. Elbo Controlli NIKKEN’s presetters are able to directly import the theoretical design of the tool to allow it to be checked and evaluated as to whether it conforms to the specific requirement.

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