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Description Table top presetter Larth

Despite its small size (diameter of 260 mm (130 mm radius) and a height of 360 mm), the Larth presetter is suitable for whoever wants to try the presetting experience for the first time.

The Larth like all Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetter machines has a natural granite base and column. The unique characteristics of this extraordinary material gaurantee thermal and dimensional stability.

Our trademarked interchangeable rotating spindle holder makes tool replacement easy and safe combined with identical precision and no coupling errors.

One advantage of the Larth is the ease with which you move it around the workspace. The axes are moved manually not with compressed air which means maneuverability.

The 5.7" TFT LCD graphic screen clearly and precisely displays your tool. All functions are at hand in one area, simplified by touch-screen.

The auto-collimation function with focus bars helps you to measure the cutting edge very quickly making measurements a simple operation.

A simple but high performance presetting machine, suitable for any industrial workspace. Everything revolves around your needs.

Larth: Table Top Presetter by Elbo Controlli NIKKEN

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Technical features

Technical Features


  1. ISO/BT/HSK/polygonal taper/VDI INTERCHANGEABLE rotating spindle-holder
  2. ISO 40 and 50 FIXED rotating spindle-holder
  • Measuring range: X axis 130 mm (diameter 260 mm) Z axis 360 mm
  • Measuring resolution: X axis 0.001 mm
  • Measuring resolution: Z axis 0.001 mm
  • Electronics driver based on RISC 32 bit processor and integrated vision system
  • C-MOS image sensor 0.001 mm resolution
  • Telecentric lens and LED illuminator
  • Framed image area: 5 x 5 mm about
  • Magnifications: 20X about
  • TFT colour LCD 5,7” LED backlight points matrix graphic display (90x120 mm image size)
  • Full touch-screen for all presetter operations
  • Intuitive icons and menu-based software
  • Display radius/diameter, mm/inch, abs/incr.
  • Measurement capability by full-screen auto-targeting
  • X axis and Z axis focusing control bars
  • Radius and angle automatic computing cycle
  • 9 numerical machine origin management
  • 9 numerical tool tables management
  • Tool corrector specific storage of T, Lx, Lz, insert radius
  • Data storage on Flash memory
  • USB port for PC connection (Windows OS)
  • BIOS update by USB port.
  • External 24Vcc power supply
  • Length: 512 mm, height: 827 mm, depth: 406 mm
  • Weight: 45 kg

Natural granite


Granite holds a very important quality when it comes to measurement. It's a natural material with the lowest thermal expansion coefficient in the world. 

Natural granite is an igneous rock generated by solidification of a magmatic mass in the Eart...

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Thermal expansion is a phenomenon which occurs when a body (liquid, gaseous or solid) increases in volume as a result of an increase in temperature. This increase is caused by oscillation variation of the atoms around the equilibrium point.

In case of solid body, the thermal expansion concerns&n...

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