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Description Stand alone presetter E68LA IS

The base and column of the E68LA IS presetter are in natural granite and are equipped with larger sections than previous models to ensure greater rigidity and stability over time.

All the E68 presetter machines series are equipped, both on the X axis and on the Z axis, with GS371 optical scales with natural granite ruler and graduated glass scale.

The first and only optical scale in the world that uses natural granite, ensuring a precision and repeatability never seen before.

Compact and rigid, perfect for use in an industrial environment where the vibrations are constant and can create disturbances: E68LA IS will leave you speechless, the depth of its performances backed up by facts.

At any time you want and when you need to.

All the spindle-holders are totally interchangeable, which avoids coupling errors.

Following strict construction and testing procedures, the result is guaranteed: the run-out error is less than 2 μm.

How is it possible to measure a micron which is 50 times smaller than an human hair? Simple, with an high performance camera system where each element has been specifically designed and built exactly for this function.

Bi-telecentric optics with higher magnification ratio and increased focal distance, telecentric illuminator, C-MOS sensor (framed image area 8 x 8mm) and much more.

Why stop at measuring? Perfect inspection images, in every detail. Seeing is believing.

You don't see the magic, you perceive it: thanks to AUTOFOCUS function, the presetting experience is even easier and more enjoyable.

No data entry, no pre-operation: by clicking on "AUTO” button, the spindle makes a 360°rotation and the software analyzes all the cutting edges.

The rotation spindle peripherical speed is calculated based on the tool diameter.

Why complicate your life when the solution is simple and uncompromising?

The E68LA IS is equipped with two 22” touch-screen monitors which are mounted vertically for better viewing. The main monitor (left) is dedicated to all the tool presetting and measurement functions, while the secondary monitor (right) has been developed for TP32 tool management and TID tool identification. We put you first.

E68LA IS: Stand AlonePresetter by Elbo Controlli NIKKEN

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Technical features

Technical Features
  • Measuring range: diameter max 600 mm (radius 300 mm); height max 800 mm
  • Monoblock machine structure in steel, floor mounted with 4 vibration damper adjustable supports
  • Base and column made of ground granite certified with Taylor Hobson ris.1 μm/m electronic millesimal level
  • ELBO CONTROLLI linear transducers in optical glass with ground granite support type SLIDE GS371 certified HP laser with axes resolution: X = 1 μm, Z = 1 μm
  • ISO/BT/HSK/VDI… etc. interchangeable rotating spindle-holder (to be selected) max run-out error < 2 μm
  • Spindle index in four angular positions: 0°-90°-180°-270°
  • C axis visualization: angular position of the spindle-holder with 0.01° resolution
  • Motor providing automatic rotation of the spindle with pneumatic engagement of the motion transmission for zero backlash (patented system)
  • Spindle-holder identification system (SP-ID) with NFC technology to automatically identify the spindle-holder after each replacement
  • Double vault arc prismatic slideways: two for X axis slideways, one for Z axis slideways
  • Double re-circulating ball bearing slides (four in total), lubricated for life (preloading slides/slideways: P/H class)
  • Universal motorized mechanic tool clamping (ISO/BT/HSK/polygonal taper tools to be specified)
  • Pneumatic braking of the spindle-holder rotation with 3 pistons at 120°
  • Motorized axes movement
  • Control panel with micrometic handwheel and rapid movement buttons (2,5 m/mm)
  • Vision system for tool measuring and cutting inspection
  • C-MOS sensor framed image area 8 x 8 mm
  • 32X magnification
  • Bi-telecentric lens
  • Illuminator: episcope ring-light red LEDS; diascopic telecentric lenses spot-light red LED
  • Dual TFT 22 ”Full HD Touch Screen Monitor
  • Intel Quad Core processor
  • UBUNTU LINUX LTS operationg system
  • Data storage on solid state disk SSD
  • 4 USB ports
  • 1 LAN RJ45 networking port and Wireless connection
  • TID Automatic Tool Identification System (presetter kit 12TPK)
  • TP32 Integrated Tool Management System
  • CNC machine origin management
  • Tool creation list and/or single tool, possibility to create a customized format
  • Theroetical measurement and tolerance management
  • Post Processor universal creator
  • Automatic change of&

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