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Description Presetter machine E68BA

The E68BA preset is an easy and simple tool which improves and increases productivity and production efficiency which consequently helps to reduce costs.

We chose to use natural granite as part of the structure because it is the best for the job: this unique material offers dimensional and thermal stability, durability just to name some of the advantages.

Why not use granite for optical scales? All E68 models are equipped with GS371 optical lines with natural granite scales on the X and Y axis. The level of precision and consistency of measurements is extremely high due to thermally stability and zero mechanical calibration.

Compact and solid, the E68BA is perfect for use in an industrial workspace where noise and vibrations can create problems: The E68BA presetter machine will amaze you with its consistent and reliable performance, the facts speak for themselves.

All spindle holders are interchangeable which avoids coupling errors. After meticulous construction and rigorous testing procedures, we guarantee results: the run-out error is less than 2 μm.

How is it possible to measure a micron, which is 50 times smaller than a human hair? Simple, with a high performance camera system where every element has been designed and built for this specific function.

Movement of the axes is done via the control panel. Everything is motorized and managed via software.

No errors, precise in every movement

The AUTOFOCUS function makes the measuring procedure even easier and more engaging. Eliminate pre-operation and data entry activities by clicking the "AUTO" button. The spindle rotates 360 ° and via software it can analyze all the cutting edges. The peripheral speed of spindle rotation is calculated based on tool diameter.

Why complicate life when the solution is simple and uncompromising?

E68BA can be equipped with the new Automatic Tool Recognition system. For more info, click here.

E68BA: Stand Alone Presetter by Elbo Controlli NIKKEN

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Technical features

Technical Features


  • Measuring range: diameter max 600 mm (radius 300 mm); height max 800 mm
  • Base and column made of ground granite certified with Taylor Hobson ris.1 μm/m electronic millesimal level
  • ELBO CONTROLLI NIKKEN linear transducers in optical glass with ground granite support type SLIDE GS371 certified HP laser with axes resolution: X = 1 μm, Z = 1 μm
  • Motor providing automatic rotation of the spindle with pneumatic engagement of the motion transmission for zero backlash (patented system)
  • C axis visualization: angular position of the spindle-holder with 0.01° resolution
  • ISO/BT/HSK/VDI… etc. interchangeable rotating spindle-holder (to be selected) max run-out error < 2 μm
  • Monoblock machine structure in steel, floor mounted with 4 vibration damper adjustable supports
  • Spindle-holder identification system (SP-ID) with NFC technology to automatically identify the spindle-holder after each replacement
  • Spindle index in four angular positions: 0°-90°-180°-270°
  • Linear slideways: two for X axis slideways, one for Z axis slideways
  • Double re-circulating ball bearing slides (five in total), lubricated for life
  • Universal motorized mechanic tool clamping (ISO/BT/HSK/polygonal taper tools to be specified)
  • Pneumatic braking of the spindle-holder rotation with 3 pistons at 120°
  • Motorized axes movement
  • Control panel with micrometic handwheel and rapid movement buttons (2,5 m/mm)


  • Vision system for tool measuring and cutting inspection
  • C-MOS sensor framed image area 5 x 5 mm
  • 38X magnification
  • Bi-telecentric lens
  • Illuminator: episcope ring-light red LEDS; diascopic telecentric lenses spot-light red LED
  • TFT 15” touch screen monitor
  • Industrial motherboard with Intel processor
  • UBUNTU LINUX operating system
  • Data storage on solid state disk SSD
  • 4 USB ports
  • 1 LAN networking port and Wireless connection


  • Autofocus function
  • Multi edged cutter acquisition cycle
  • Peripheral speed of the spindle rotation is calculated and controlled based on the diameter of the current tool being measured
  • CNC machine origin management
  • Tool creation list and/or single tool
  • Automatic change of CNC machine origin allocation
  • Td SIX (Tool data SIX)
  • Tools set and Post Processor universal creator
  • Printable tool set report
  • Ready for TID infrastructure for tool identification with Datamatrix code
  • Ready for magnetic chip code-holders (Balluff for example, hardware not included)
  • Theoretical measurement and tolerance management


  • Overall dimensions: L = 1700 mm, H = 2300 mm, D = 700 mm
  • Net weight: ~ 570 Kg

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