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M5 rack and pignon system

Components resistant to external stress
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Description Measurement detection system M5 rack and pignon system

The linear rack and pinion transducers have always been the most suitable systems for applications on particularly long machines or that require extreme component robustness due to harsh working conditions (shavings, vibrations, coolants, vapors, dust). For this reason, our linear rack and pinion transducer has been developed with a high-level components in order to guarantee efficiency and long-lived.

To meet these needs ELBO CONTROLLI NIKKEN has perfected two different solutions: the pre-assembled system - ease and speed of installation.  The modular system - versatility and economic. Both systems have the same operating principle: the electrical signal is generated by a rotary encoder on which slides a stainless steel pinion on a high precision rack.

The encoder is constantly in contact with the rack thanks to an elastic system preload; the different pressure angle between the teeth of the pinion and the teeth of the rack guarantees zero mechanical play which would distort the measurement precision.

Both systems are available in two resolutions: 0.01 mm and 0.005 mm, which means it isn’t limited to the mechanical sector but can also work in the wood, marble, glass and textile sectors.

M5 rack and pinion systems for machine tools by Elbo Controlli NIKKEN

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Technical features

Technical Features

The M5 system is made by mounting and calibrating the high precision rack sections on an enclosed steel support which protects the T5 rotary encoder.

The linear transducer is completed by plastic side caps and special oil-resistant rubber gaskets which overall keep the system compact.

The machine length is practically infinite. In fact, the system is supplied in modular sections up to 2600 mm long. (for obvious reasons of transport and assembly).

The system resolution (0.1 mm, 0.01 mm, 0.005 mm) comes via the rack mounted T5 encoder and can be easily change when required.

The precision of the system remains within +/- 0.03 mm over the entire process. By request it can be supplied with 0.01 mm precision with calibration certificate and interferometric laser.

The power supply can be 5V or 12V with line driver output signals.

Due to its robustness, precision and compact size, it is an excellent solution for all applications.

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