Tradeshow EMO 2019

Elbo Controlli NIKKEN application

TID system at machine tool manufacturers

EMO Hannover is the most important international tradeshow for metalworking. As the leading tradeshow of its kind, it acts as a network hub that embodies the highest level of expertise between suppliers and users.

During this important event, in addition to exhibiting our products at our stand, we collaborated with some of the most important manufacturers of machine tools and machining centres in the world including, OKK Corporation Ltd., Kitamura Machinery Co. Ltd., Brother Industries Ltd. and Rais Ltd.

Our partners proposed one or more complete, original and unique solutions for Toolroom management: the Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetter machine integrated with TID system (Tool Identification Management System) connected to the machine tool which allows our presetter to communicate by numerical control by sending offsets.

What applications were proposed?

  1. OKK Corporation Ltd.: the E46LA presetter machine with and integrated AUTOFOUS function with the TID system and connected to the OKK machine tool model VC-X500. The versatility of the system has made it possible to customize the application to manage different configurations according to the tool data necessary for the specific machine
  2. Kitamura Machinery Co. Ltd.: the E46LTWA presetter machine equipped with the TID system is connected to the Kitamura HX400iG / 500 machine tool. TID is unfaltering and reliable. It eliminates operator’s insertion errors. Each tool is uniquely identified ensuring data transfer to the CNC
  3. Brother Industries Ltd.: the Sethy SIX presetter machine with TID system connected to the M200X3 machine tool. TID allows bidirectional communication between presetter and CNC. The measurements detected by the presetter can be sent directly to the CNC without stopping the machine. TID can acquire the tool data from the CNC tool offset table
  4. Rais Ltd.: the Hathor SIX A presetter machine with AUTOFOCUS function equipped with TID system connected to the Rais VMC400 machine. TID is an advantageous solution that eliminates additional costs with the purchase of RFID memory media and the application of reading / writing hardware interfaced to the machine tool



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