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Elbo Controlli Srl was founded by Danilo and Massimiliano Tasca in 1983 in Seregno, Italy. It was initially part of the Nuova Affilet Srl company which was owned by Danilo at the time.

The main manufactured and marketed products in the 1980s and 1990s were optical scales and digital readouts. Presetter machines for measurements and tool inspection were introduced in the late 1980s. Today the Elbo Controlli NIKKEN digital read-out remains a versatile and easy to use product.

ELBO CONTROLLI NIKKEN is one of the most respected and well-known manufacturers of electronic equipment for machine tools on a national and international level. We have been whole-heartedly in this business for over 35 years: passion for our work pushes us to develop original and technologically advanced solutions.

Easy to use
Our objective is to make the operator's life as easy as possible
Natural granite
Thermal and dimensional stability, no software compensation and no periodic recalibration
Up to date
Software updates at no cost
Regular updates give longevity and keep your instrument up with the times
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Our machines

The pre-registration, measurement and tool inspection machine is crucial and fundamental for any type of workshop and industry, from automotive to aerospace, oil & gas, etc.

We have a wide range of products able to satisfy your every need. The Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetter machines are ideal tools for your Toolroom: solid, precise and above all easy to use.

Elbo Controlli NIKKEN is at the forefront when it comes to tool presetting: our presetters increase productivity and efficiency in the workshop. They minimize human error, increase production by zero machine downtime.

Quality is not measured by what we put into something, but what our customers are able to get from it

Peter Drucker

Our partner

NIKKEN KOSAKUSHO WORKS LTD. manufactures tool holders and tool accessories. Since the company's creation in 1958 they have been the market leader in aerospace, automotive and the high precision machinery sectors. 

NIKKEN Works Ltd. in Japan produces 500,000 tool holders, 8,000 rotary tables and 250,000 reamers annually. It has over 550 employees worldwide and is hugely respected for its production of high-quality products and total commitment towards its customers.

In 2017, Elbo Controlli became a STRATEGIC PARTNER of the NIKKEN group as the official supplier of pre-registration, inspection and tool measuring machines (presetter machines).

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Service which sets us apart

After sales and maintenance

The importance of quality and longevity

Elbo Controlli NIKKEN takes pride in our after-sales service.

We have a dedicated team which follows every customer and preset. Our team will resolve any problem that may arise.

All our international dealers undergo continuous training on our products and yearly updates regarding tool presetting machines and software.

The Elbo Controlli NIKKEN Service team is specialized for installation and training on all preset models, machine software, automatic warehouses and tool management software in our product range.

Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetters are the only machines in the world which use natural granite for the base and column making them easy to maintain with reduced cost.

Natural granite has high thermal stability and non structure deformity features which reduce maintenance and recalibration interventions

Elbo Controlli NIKKEN offers free software updates to keep your machine up to date. Clients can take advantage of this service after they register their machine.

After sales and maintenance of Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetters


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